Supervised Independent Living


Personal Care Attendant, Supervised Independent Living

Contact: Donny Jackson
520 Olive Street Shreveport, La. 71104

Serves clients who live in their own home and is based on the person centered philosophy of assisting individuals to live independently in the community.

Care at home

People with disabilities are now eligible for Care at Home, our newest program aimed at helping people live more independently. Services of a personal care attendant can help those with disabilities with daily living skills so they can remain in their homes or with family.
Contact: Victoria White
520 Olive Street Shreveport, La. 71104

Eligibility Assistance Programs
520 Olive Street, Suite A204
Shreveport. LA 71104

Assists mental health consumers in applying for Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid, or Medicare in order to increase access to health insurance and benefits.