Adult Day participants stay as busy and social as possible.

The Ballington Center


Families who care for a relative in need of constant supervision face a difficult choice. How do they care for their loved one, while maintaining a full-time job?

The Ballington Center is located on the bottom floor of our South Pointe Place apartments and provides an alternative to residential care or home health. Anyone over 18 with physical or mental challenges can spend the day at the center, where they will have medical supervision and engaging activities. Our goal is not just care taking but relieving loneliness,  stabilizing or improving any medical issues, improving their quality of life, and delaying or preventing institutional care.

You are welcome to join us for one of our planned tours, or call us at 212-1703 to set up your own tour of the facility.

Services include:

Individual plan of care developed with staff and reviewed regularly
Nurse on site to administer medicine, monitor glucose, check vital signs
Exercise and games
Arts & crafts
Two meals and a snack
Referral to other social services
Transportation to and from the center

SENIORS 4Eligibility requirements:

Adults 18 and older, who are physically or mentally challenged
Be ambulatory or able to be transported with minimum assistance if using a wheelchair
Be sufficiently aware of surroundings
Able to follow directions
Able to feed themselves
Scheduled attendance
Urinary incontinence is accepted if it can be controlled with disposable undergarments


8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


The Center charges a daily rate based on the client’s level of independence. Medicaid or long-term care insurance might cover the cost if the client qualifies

TOURS 2017

Adult Day Health Care Center

Feb. 1

1133 South Pointe Parkway

11:00 am

Oct. 4

1133 South Pointe Parkway

11:00 am