The HOPE Basket

Our In-House Food Pantry

When veterans walk in the door of our transitional living program, Director Gary Jaynes makes them a promise: we’ll take care of food and shelter if they take care of finding a job and recovery.

But feeding 56 men three times a day is challenging for our staff and budget.

Now multiply that by our other residential programs, and it becomes clear that we feed a lot of people — it adds up to 360 meals a day, plus snacks for the LightHouse.

Through a new food program, you and your community organizations can help meet this basic need.

We have launched an in-house food pantry that will collect donations of staple goods and snack items to be distributed to the various facilities. All the food will be collected at the Highland Center and staff will be able to select from the items to plan their meals and reduce what they spend on food.

food pantry volunteerSome of our most used items include:



Canned Vegetables

Tomato sauce

Granola Bars


Coffee (plus cream and sugar)

Dessert mixes


You can also host a virtual food drive with our Amazon Wish List. Select the items you want to purchase, and it will be sent directly to the Highland Center. Just make sure to put your name in the free gift card, so we know who to thank!