Teen Outreach Program Central Louisiana

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.29.51 PMWHAT IS THIS AWESOMENESS??!!:

The Wyman Teen Outreach Program reaches 15,000 teens in 28 states across the United States.  It is a national youth development program aimed at preventing teen pregnancy and helping young people make consistent progress in school.  The Teen Outreach Program (TOP) has also proven to be successful at helping youth develop their positive potential, discover their strengths, maintain healthy relationships and become active, contributing members of their community.  This program is available right here in Rapides Parish and has had over 300 teens participate in the past three years.


T.O.P is FREE!  T.O.P. is FUN!!Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.29.25 PM

It’s a chance to do something different and meet up with other teens of the same age and talk, do activities and volunteer together.  It’s a place to talk about what teens go through that is confidential and supportive.  No bullying.  No judging.  Teens will get a chance to go bowling, out to eat, plan events and volunteer as a group.  Plus earn prizes like gift cards, earbuds, ball caps, t-shirts, hoodies and more.


Registration is held once a year in the fall.  The 2014/2015 session will start in mid- September.  Registration will begin Monday, August 4, 2014-September 12, 2014.  Teens need to be between 12-17, male or female and live in Rapides Parish.  That’s it!  No cost to parents and assistance with transportation is available.  Each group meets once a week after school for about an hour and a half and snacks are provided.  Club meetings are ran by T.O.P trained facilitators.  Each teen is required to give 20 hours of community service during the club period which runs the whole school year, September to May.


WHAT HAVE T.O.P KIDS DONE?Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.30.25 PM

In the past three years our teens have volunteered hundred of hours at the Central Louisiana Food Bank earning them an award for Best Youth Volunteer group.  They have also hosted two community dinners, planned and prepared by teenagers, that provided free meals to their community.  May 2014, T.O.P will have its First Annual Parents Walk Teens Talk to Prevent Teen Pregnancy a 2K walk to encourage parents to turn “the talk” into a conversation.


For more information about joining or to find out more about this program contact LaTessa Mathews at 318.442.8026 ext. 513 or at latessa.allen@voanorthla.org.

Teens will learn

  • sense of integrity
  • intellectual capacity
  • achieving independence
  • establishing identity
  • sense of physical and emotional safety
  • knowledge and skill development
  • sense of purpose
  • sense of autonomy and competence
  • positive social norms
  • sexual and relational decision making