Partners in Literacy 


When a person learns how to read, they have the power to lift themselves out of poverty, lower health care costs, find and keep sustainable employment, and ultimately change their lives.


Through Volunteers of America in Central Louisiana and a community partnership with United Way of Central Louisiana, adults are given the best gift – a chance to learn how to read.  Worldwide, 775 million adults – approximately 12 percent of the worlds population- are considered functionally illiterate, with only basic or below basic literacy levels in their native languages.  Without the ability to effectively use the written and digital information in the world around them, these individuals are unable to help themselves and those around them.


English as a Second Language

Partners in Literacy also offers services to those wanting to learn English as a Second Language (ESL).  This aspect of the program is fast growing and multi-lingual tutors are in high demand.


How to get involved

There are many ways to support the Partners in Literacy program.  For more information about becoming a volunteer tutor for this program click here.


About the Partners in Literacy:

The waiting list to enter this program grows every day and we depend on volunteers to help teach as many as possible.  This program is free to adults over the age of 18 regardless of income. You will expect to learn:

    • to read and write
    • to speak English
    • to fill out medical forms
    • how to speak with medical professionals
    • how to read to their children and grandchildren
    • how to read the newspaper
    • skills to advance in their careers
    • skills to obtain a drivers license
    • skills to obtain a GED
    • skills to apply for U.S. citizenship