Parents as Teachers


dadhuggingsonParents as Teachers is an early childhood parent education program designed to promote positive child development targeting children 0-3 years old.


This program is designed to increase confidence and competence for parents as they teach and model learning for their child.  Parents are also able to enhance the quality of interaction with their children.

A Parent Educator meets with the child and the parent in their home once a month, as well as group meetings with other parents. During a typical home visit, the Parent Educator will work with the family in sharing child development information and help the parent in recognizing the developmental milestones for their child.

The parent and child are able to participate in the program from birth until the child is 3 years old.    Our job is to offer you support and positive reinforcement as you thrive in your role as your child’s first teacher!  It has been proven that children who participate in the program are very well prepared to enter head start or any other early education program.

Clients also take part in the Earn While You Learn program.