New Beginnings Pregnancy Services

DSC_0912If you are a woman that may be pregnant or is pregnant, you want to do what’s best for your baby … and for you. You are not alone. Volunteers of America’s program in Central Louisiana, New Beginnings, is open to all men and women facing a pregnancy, regardless of age, income level or personal situation.  Our goal is to insure women have physically and emotionally healthy pregnancies and that men and women are educated and introduced to all possible resources.  We can walk you through your pregnancy from the earliest months, make sure you have access to the resources you need, and help you consider your options. The only requirement to participate is you must be pregnant or think you may be pregnant.


Pregnancy testing

Free, confidential pregnancy testing. With this official, medical test, we can also help you apply for Medicaid and WIC so you and your baby receive the care you need.  Free pre-natal vitamins are also available to those who qualify.  Medicaid application assistance is by appointment only please call our office for help.  Pregnancy testing is available during regular business hours.


Pregnancy CounselingDSC_0936

Free, personal, and confidential counseling is available at our offices in Alexandria, Louisiana. We will connect you with medical resources and help you explore the positive choices that are open to you: parenting the child as a single mother, parenting with your existing family, co-parenting with the father, in a marriage partnership with the father, placement with another family member or referral for adoption.  In addition, positive support and counseling are available.  Our case managers will be with you every step of the way, helping to make healthy choices and making sure that all expectant moms are aware of what is happening with their bodies and their babies.


IMG_8032Earn While You Learn

This program uses an “Earn While You Learn” philosophy.  Clients are asked to participate in a series of classes and one-on-one meetings to discuss the stages of pregnancy, healthy living and eating, financial literacy training and child care.  The more participation by the student the more “Baby Bucks” they are eligible to earn and spend in the Baby Closet on much needed diapers, wipes and clothing.  They are also able to purchase baby clothes, blankets, furniture and other necessary baby items with their earned Baby Bucks.  The program is free along with needed baby essentials.

Other services:   Pregnancy Resources Post-adoption Resources

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